Girls Night

24 Apr

Last night I went to a fun little event with some of my lady friends. There is a local wine & spirits retailer/wine bar/restaurant in town that has some pretty great tasting events from time to time. Sometimes they are free, sometimes a few bucks, sometimes more, but almost always a good time! Last night they hosted a Skinny Girl cocktail event to benefit the local food bank. $5 admission got you samples of pretty much the entire line of Skinny Girl drinks plus some samples and pampering from Beauty First. Not bad!

When we walked in the door, Chocolatier Blue had a table set up and was handing out THE.MOST.AMAZING. chocolates. They were like little pieces of art … almost too pretty to eat. Almost. I tried Ants on a Log the first time, then snuck back a little later for the Honey and Sage, which was the prettiest and also tasted great! Chocolatier Blue is opening a new store in Village Pointe (the shopping center where all this is located) on Saturday. I really want to visit soon and check out the rest of their fancy treats.

After my chocolate appetizer, I tried some of the Skinny Girl drinks. First I tried the White Peach Margarita. It smelled really peachy, but actually tasted much more citrusy and sour. It wasn’t my favorite  but I could see it being good on a hot day. I also tried the Skinny Girl red table wine, white cranberry cosmo and Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka, which was by far my favorite item! The bartender gave us each a little taster of the vodka topped off with champagne! I so want to try this at home.

While we sampled drinks, we also got some pampering in 🙂 Beauty First was doing samples of OPI nail appliques which was fun. I got one nail all blinged out. I also tried a new cleanser and the girl demonstrating used a Clarisonic on my hand. Have you ever tried a Clarisonic? You apply a cleanser to your skin and then use the Clarisonic with vibrates and lifts dirt and oil out of your skin pores. It felt tingly and left my skin a little smoother. They were also doing chair massages and parafin dips but the lines for both of those were pretty long.

So, for $5 a pretty fun night! Plus it was nice to know that the proceeds were going to benefit a good cause like the food bank.

Have you tried any of the Skinny Girl cocktails or wine? What did you think?


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