Get more green in your life.

17 Feb

Do you like green veggies? Personally, I love them. I love spinach, brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus and green beans as a veggie side. The truth is, green vegetables are incredibly important for your health. They’re low in calories and totally chock full of vitamins and minerals. Some super easy ways to cook them up include steaming, sauteeing in olive oil and roasting (try tossing them in olive oil and a little garlic salt. Yum!).

But you actually can get the most nutritional benefits from your green veggies (and a lot of other veggies for that matter) by eating them raw. I know, I know. Raw vegetables aren’t always the most enticing. But, have you ever thought of putting them in your smoothie? That’s right … sounds crazy, but you can actually pack a smoothie with green veggies and not even know it (except from the pretty green color, of course).

Here’s one of my favorite ways to get lots of spinach in my diet every day, even in the winter when I am totally not craving salads. Make a spinach smoothie! Toss a frozen banana, a cup of low fat or non-dairy milk, one tablespoon of nut butter into your blender. Now, pack it full of spinach. Seriously, fill that baby to the top! And blend away. You can add in a scoop of protein powder for good measure and to keep you feeling full (I routinely have these smoothies for breakfast and don’t get hungry again for another 3-4 hours!). I guarantee, your smoothie will taste like banana and peanut butter and you won’t even know there’s spinach in it. And you’ll be getting a HUGE serving of raw, fresh green veggies while you’re at it!

So, I’m sure you’re hesitant and thinking I’m crazy right about now. But give it a whirl and I promise you won’t look back.


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