There is an itch in runners. – Arnold Hano

3 Feb

Today I officially registered to run my second marathon. I ran my first in May 2009. I finished in about 4.5 hours which is roughly a 10 minute mile or 6 miles per hour pace. I was pretty happy with that at the time and frankly my whole goal was just to finish the race. I’ve kept running the past three (has it really already been three?!) years and have ran in numerous shorter races (half marathons, 10ks, etc.) and increased my pace by quite a bit. Today my “comfortable pace” is around 7 miles per hour. I just haven’t felt “the itch” to run another marathon. A good friend, the friend I ran my first marathon with, began planning to run another this May in Fargo, ND, with a few other friends and asked me to join.  At first, I declined. My knees were so sore last time, my heart wasn’t in it this time … but then I got the itch. I feel like 2012 is going to be a big year for me personally and proving to myself that I can do this, again, and maybe do it better, seems like a good way to kick things off. So, here I am, with a confirmation email and an $80 charge on my credit card that says I’m going to do this.

Here we go …

Mindy and me after finishing the 2009 Lincoln Marathon


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