How dirty do you want it?

31 Jan

There has been a real resurgence of classic cocktails recently. Personally, I think there is nothing in the drinking world better than a perfectly prepared martini. There are a few bars in Omaha that make a real good martini; I’ve recently had great martinis at Myth and the Zin Room. But what if you want to make one at home to impress, say, your dinner guests, your girlfriend, your dog?

This is a good skill for any grown up to have, but is one I think men particularly can benefit from knowing. There are just some things a grown man should know how to do well and this is one of them. The rest … well, I’ll save that another time. Cooking and baking can get a little complicated, but I assure you, gentlemen, if you can at least mix your lady a drink with something besides diet coke in it, she will be impressed.

So, without focusing on any one drink in particular, here’s 3 simple tips to making a great martini.

1. Buy this book. It will teach you how to make any cocktail you will ever need to make, including a perfect martini.

2. Always chill your glass. It’s best to have one in the freezer ready in case of an emergency.

3. Use quality booze. You can mask crappy vodka with soda or syrupy mixes, but if you’re going to be making a martini you need quality. There’s no getting around that.



2 Responses to “How dirty do you want it?”

  1. Shaney July 3, 2012 at 2:08 am #

    No such thing as a good martini! Scotch or a Bloody Mary if you must imbibe.

    • aprilchristenson July 3, 2012 at 2:22 am #

      Hi Shaney. I agree Bloody Mary’s are awesome…. You can keep the Scotch though.

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